Mr Sanjiv Krishan Sood, BSF, Inspector General

It is encouraging to note that BSF Sr Secondary School, Kadamtala has created its own web site.

This school after being established in the year 1990 has progressed in leaps and bounds. It presently occupies a pride of place amongst the schools of siliguri and is rated as one of the best in providing quality education. I am sure that the principal and staff will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the student passing out from our school develops a well rounded personality and become confident and enlightened citizen of our country.

Internet has created an information revolution. By the click of a button, we can obtain latest information about everything even, while sitting at home. This website is a step in that direction and I am sure that it will provide useful information about the school to the parents, students and also the prospective candidates.

I hope that the visitors to the site will find it to be user friendly. I also hope that the school will continuously keep updating the site.

Principal BSF School

Sri S.R.Sharma, Principal, BSF School Kadamtala

It is gratifying to announce that the BSF Senior Secondary Residential School, Kadamtala, has joined the "cyber league" by launching its official website. In this era of advancement in technology, it has become imperative for educational institutions to keep themselves abreast with the ongoing changes in the various spheres of education. I am sure; the website will serve as a valuable source of information relating to the school news, its policies and other multifarious activities of the school.

Thank you for visiting the website. I hope that surfing the web pages will help you acquaint with many parts of the BSF School's history, tradition, culture as well as required information.

Message from IG Message from Principal

About The School

  • BSF School Kadamtala is a unique co-educational school, as it combines contemporary and conventional methods in a flexible manner according to the age and aptitude of the child. The School enhances the overall personality of a child. BSF School Kadamtala is an institution to gain knowledge, study and prepare for a bright future and the school also helps its students to achieve the various prospects of life through proper guidance and innovative approaches. The school doesn't just encourages the students to be ardently engrossed in the lessons, rather it paves the ways of the pupil for an overall development through the innumerable efforts made in the field of teaching, co curricular activities and sports.

  • Our Vision

  • BSF School Kadamtala recognizes that a student's horizon is unlimited. The School crosses all national boundaries and uses the best methods of teaching to enable them to be exuberant, confident, aspiring and well adjusted individuals in their chosen vocation. Every student is motivated towards self-directed learning that can /ensure lifetime success. It is true that the future of our country is shaped in the classrooms of today. BSF School Kadamtala envisages to train its students in values that are often found conspicuously missing in society at large. Children attached with us will learn to identify these weaknesses in our value-system and will be trained to cope up with a positive attitudes. Let's not forget that the nation is always built by the disciplined, cultured, devoted and educated men with full faith in the self and the nation. This faith and discipline can be best imbibed in the children at tender ages which will compel them to concentrate on character building and develop a sense of cross cultural tolerance, co-operation and harmony.

  • Our Aim

  • The School has formulated unique methods towards objective of developing the potential of each student, equipping all students to be self-directed learners and encouraging them to make valuable contributions to the family, school, nation and the world. While designing the curriculum, the plea of the child has been kept very close to our hearts...

    As Swami Vivekanand rightly said that "Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man"

    So our main aim is to discover the qualities inside a child and to help them become physically strong, mentally alert and spiritually elevated in life.